I collaborated with Nike a few months ago to design an identity for their amazing pop-up energy space in New York. The space is right opposite Van Cortlandt Park in The Bronx, famed for it's gruelling cross country running circuit. VCXC is a meeting space at local runners and for organised race meets, as well as providing running gear, custom made t-shirts and interactive maps.

For me it was a great chance to design a crest which was much looser than other more formal shields and heraldry I've created for past projects (see my Shakespeare's Globe heraldry). 

I'll post a few images of the development for this logo soon...

See the Bernstein + Andriulli post here 

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  1. Awesome logo Adam. I ran a XC race up in Van Cortlandt last month and had the privilege of visiting the Nike VCXC space - very impressive. Any idea who took the black & white photos that cover the wall near the entrance?


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